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Get MORE Freedom and Profit From Your Agency

AttractAttract More High Quality Prospects!

Agency Command gives you the ability to launch sales generating campaigns with ease. Simply choose from our library of postcards, emails, tasks and landing pages, customize and automatically blast out to your target market. Search engine optimized, mobile ready landing pages and websites
Postcards sent via first class mail 8.5 X 5.5 full color, personalized, glossy post cards for you.

ConvertConvert MORE Prospects Into Long Term Clients!

How would a 5%, 10% or even a 20% increase in your close ratio help your bottom line? With Agency Command, you can automatically increase your conversions with follow-up emails, postcards and task reminders assuring every prospect is consistently pursued. For those you don’t convert, remember “No Doesn’t Mean Never!”. Unconverted prospects can be placed into an X-Date sequence for future sales.

Cross SellCross Sell MORE Clients for Increased Revenue Per Client

If your average policy count per client is less than 3.0, you’re sitting on a gold mine that can be automatically turned into increased revenue for your agency. Our tested and proven cross sell campaigns include multi-media campaigns with email, direct mail, PURL’s and tasks to assure the highest policy count per client.

RetainRetain MORE Clients for Higher Long Term Profit!

Our agencies depend on renewals for long term profitability. Agency Command can automatically nurture your clients for you turning them into raving fans that renew year in and year out. Ready to launch campaigns include birthday and holiday cards, protection reviews, safety tip email nurturing, new client welcome sequence and more!

mike stromsoeAutomated Insurance Marketing That Works!

“In the insurance world, you have to remember one thing. Yes, we’re in the insurance business but we as agency owners must understand that we are really in the marketing business.

One of the biggest challenges I see for agents that I work with is that they don’t know how to automate all of their marketing. That’s where Russ and Tom come in with Agency Command. They give you the automation tool plus all of the marketing an agent needs to grow their business in one system. When they come across a new marketing idea, they test it, prove it works and then give it to us.”

Mike Stromsoe, President
Stromsoe Insurance Agency
The Unstoppable Profit Producer

Built, Tested and Proven By Insurance Agents
For Insurance Agents

TomRuss and Riley champsAgency Command automated insurance marketing system was built in real world insurance agencies to automatically attract, convert, cross sell and retain more quality clients for the long term. Agency owners Russ Lowry of Oklahoma Insurance Group in Norman OK and Tom Wiecek of Paramount Insurance Agency in High Point, NC created all of
the marketing including hundreds of emails, postcards, landing pages and SMS text messages. Ready for you to customize for your agency and use to grow your agency…automatically!

Agency Command Guarantee

30 Day No-Risk 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

If after using the system and within the first 30 days, you are not satisfied for any reason with the Agency Command Automatic Insurance Marketing System, we will refund 100% of your investment (done for you optional services not included). No questions asked. No hassles. You have absolutely nothing to lose except thousands in new commissions!

Agency Command… The Ultimate Automated Insurance Marketing System!

McLeanThe Ultimate Automated Insurance Marketing System!

“I Have Never Seen a Product Built as Well as Agency Command. Agency Command is the best thing to hit the P&C insurance industry in a long time. We’ve already seen immediate results. New business is up. Cross-sales are up.

We’re doing a better job nurturing consistently. Plus, we set up new niche campaigns almost instantly. We find a company that has a product that we want to niche market and get our landing pages, lead capture, and follow-up faster than ever. Agency Command has saved me time, increased profits, and has given me more time to have a life. The sky is the limit. I only have to sell 2-3 personal lines policies a month to pay for the investment. We do this the first couple of days and the rest is pure profit.”

Michael McLean, McLean Insurance
Renegade Insurance Marketing

M AdamsMade My Bank Account Fatter!

After 13 years as an Allstate agent, I decided to give back my book of business to Allstate and start my independent agency. My focus is primarily P&C – Auto, Home & Life. I have been using Agency Command since June of 2012 and I think it is awesome. In my first year as an independent agency, I
attributed 75% of my new business as coming from my Agency Command campaigns. I especially like the pre-written quote follow-up campaigns; they save me a load of time.

I utilize Agency Command now primarily for its retention and cross selling campaigns. My goal was to focus on high value customers with numerous policies and to make them feel I was personally in touch with them; Agency Command has facilitated that.

To sum it up, Agency Command certainly made my transition to an independent
agency much easier and my bank account fatter.

Malou Adams
TWFG Adams Insurance Agency

Everything You Need In One Powerful System!

customer relationship management


Agency Command’s powerful CRM allows you to collect and store a complete record of every contact’s data and history. See what messages they responded to, webpages visited, links clicked and much more. Huge E&O protection!


Use our email templates or create your own customized, responsive emails with a few clicks. Backed by industry leading deliverability, you are assured the highest open and click through rates.

Direct MailDirect Mail

Choose from dozens of template postcards or create your own and with a few clicks, blast out high quality, full color postcards delivering your message.


PURLs (Personalized URL’s) are proven to increase response 300% to 500%! Customized emails, landing pages, postcards and SMS messages with the recipient’s name will increase clicks and engagement. Test Drive a PURL here!

SMS TextSMS Texting

Automated two-way text messaging gives you the ability to deliver your message that will always get read. Send appointment reminders, event announcements, safety tips to your entire list or segmented groups.

Web PagesWeb Pages

Create and launch customized “eye popping” landing pages in minutes with the easiest page builder on the planet. Host as many sites as you want in Agency Command at no additional cost.


Video is King! Easily add video to landing pages to increase response. Unlimited hosting of video is included with Agency Command.

Task ManagementTask Manager

Never drop the ball on a prospect again! Advanced task management allows you to track the progress in all of your follow-up with prospects and clients. You can automatically assign tasks in campaigns and see where every contact is in the conversion process.

Split TestingSplit Testing

Increase the ROI on all of your marketing with powerful split testing capabilities. Find out what subject lines, headlines, copy are giving you the highest results in your emails, landing pages and follow up sequences.