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For the packages that include online marketing campaigns – is the cost of clicks and any other expenses already included in the monthly price?2015-10-26T01:35:22+00:00

Agency Command is built utilizing the Office Autopilot/Send Pepper software which provides a variety of packages based on your marketing needs. Based on the package you buy, X number of landing page hits and PURLS are included. For example, Send Pepper Habanero users can have up to 10,000 landing page visits/month without incurring additional charges. The maximum PURL hits are also 10,000/month. As you upgrade to Office Autopilot Single version this increases to 50,000 hits/month and grows to 100,000 hits per month for users of the Office Autopilot Team version.

Do you have any training videos?2015-10-26T01:34:58+00:00

We have extensive training videos walking you through every aspect of the program. And we also have top rated, fanatical customer support via phone and email should you require additional help.

Do you provide tools on an ongoing basis with Agency Command?2015-10-26T01:34:39+00:00

Yes, in addition to all the content and tools you get immediately, we are continuously creating more and adding to your package. And, of course, you can create any other tools you may want yourself.

How does this integrate with our existing website/blogsite?2016-12-09T07:10:00+00:00

Seamless integration with any website or blog that accepts html code. Our support staff will walk you through it if you have questions, but it is very simple and straightforward.

Does Agency Command replace my ACT database?2016-12-09T07:10:00+00:00

Absolutely. It has a full-functioning database that does everything you need a database to do…and more!

Can we build and insert our own campaigns into Agency Command?2015-10-26T01:33:36+00:00

Yes. There is no limit to the types/quantity of campaigns you can build and use with Agency Command.

Can this program be run on multiple computers? My assistant and I are often using different computers.2015-10-26T01:33:19+00:00

Yes. This is web based technology that can be accessed from any computer (or multiple computers simultaneously) as long as they have internet access.

If I am looking to start a solo business, but haven’t taken any steps yet, is this program a good fit for me?2016-12-09T07:10:00+00:00

Yes. The most important thing you can do when starting a new business is to build a solid foundation. Your database, lead generation, follow-up and conversion and relationship marketing are critical to your success. This is for you.

Does the price on Agency Command include the postage and printing of the postcards? How does that work?2015-10-26T01:32:40+00:00

Printing and mailing of postcards is additional, but it works out to between 67 to 97 cents per postcard, just depending on how many print credits you buy. After factoring in your time (the most valuable asset you have), this is cheaper than you could do it yourself, and the postcards are beautiful, glossy, jumbo sized with full color and graphics.

I own an insurance agency and my wife has an interior design business. How can I keep the 2 businesses and lists separate? Do I need to purchase Agency Command twice and have 2 accounts or can I manage the 2 businesses separately with 1 account only?2015-10-26T01:32:20+00:00

One account is all you need. You can manage multiple lists and even multiple businesses from just one account. For the most part the insurance agency content will not apply to your wife’s business. But having examples of email messages, postcards and landing pages to copy and edit will probably make her set up much simpler.

I have over 15,000 contacts in my Aweber, can you transfer such a large number of contacts into Agency Command?2015-10-26T01:31:56+00:00

Yes. The system can handle as big a list as you want. There is a small additional fee for lists over 10,000 in size. Call us or complete the contact us form for additional information.

What is the cost?2016-12-09T15:13:08+00:00

AC 3.0 is $13.23 per day ($397 per month). There is a $297 enrollment fee. There is no contract or commitment to continue. And your first 30 days are completely risk-free. If you are not absolutely thrilled, cancel within your first 30 days and we’ll issue you a complete refund. If you stay on after 30 days, you can still cancel anytime without further obligation.

If you use even a percentage of the tested and proven automated campaigns in Agency Command, there really is no cost for the system. It only takes one cross-sale, one new conversion or an increase in retention (depending on your agency size) to pay for itself. Any more is pure profit!

Can you design your own postcard?2015-10-26T01:31:08+00:00

Yes. All the content we provide to you is customizable, and if you want to create your own additional content, you can. There is no limit to the number of marketing tools (postcards, emails, newsletters, landing pages, PURLs, etc.) that you can build and use.

Who mails the postcards? Is there an additional charge for that?2015-10-26T01:30:44+00:00

All Agency Command postcards are Jumbo 5.5″ X 8.5″ 12pt heavy cardstock, printed full-color on both sides, UV coated and dropped in the mail for you, first class postage paid. This is quality stuff. If you’re gonna do it, why not do it right so your business is presented professionally and the postcard has the greatest impact. If you were to do the mailing yourself, you might save a few cents on printing, but you’d lose dollars on labor. The “secret” after all, is AUTOMATION! The postcards are printed and mailed for you, completely hands-free, from our central mail house. Postcards go out within 12 hours of the scheduled date, consistently, every time. Cost between 67 and 97 cents each, depending on the number of print credits purchased.

Can you also build new free reports?2015-10-26T01:30:27+00:00

Absolutely. You’re free to add as much additional content and tools as you like.

Does the system let you build new landing pages?2015-10-26T01:30:07+00:00

Yes. You can build as many landing pages as you want, or just use all the ones we provide done-for-you (or both). Hosting is included!

What is included in the new prospect campaign, and how does it work?2016-12-09T07:10:00+00:00

New prospect follow-up campaigns include a series of 6 emails which are sent to your prospect every two days for the first ten days, or until they take action. These will include some of your own personal testimonials, and position you as an agent who is credible and can help the prospect save money while ensuring he has the right protection.

This looks great, but what if I want to customize the marketing campaigns? Can I do that?2016-12-09T07:10:01+00:00

Absolutely. You can change as much or as little as you like. In fact, this can be used for a whole variety of marketing purposes, well beyond getting and keeping insurance clients. You have complete control over what you send out, how it looks and what it says. But all the tools we provide are created by proven direct response copywriters who understand the insurance industry, so if you want to just leave stuff as is, you can be confident it has been tested and proven to work for other insurance agents.

Technology isn’t my strength. How hard is it to get started?2015-10-26T01:28:50+00:00

Couldn’t be easier. And we’ve got tutorials and customer service staff on-hand ready to assist you, just an email or phone call away, in case you need it. Our goal isn’t to “sell you something.” It’s to get you using Agency Command and profiting from it. We’re here if you need us with top rated, fanatical customer service.

Is there a long term contract?2015-10-26T01:28:23+00:00

No. We don’t need a long term contract for you to stay an Agency Command user for the long term. If someone asks you for a 3 to 5 year contract, you need to ask yourself “Why?’. Our contract is month-to-month and you’re free to cancel anytime without obligation or penalty. We even offer a 30 day no questions asked, no hassles 100% satisfaction guarantee. We know that if you use Agency Command, you won’t be able to live without it!